The RKE Afield Blog 001: Who Are We?

So RKE Afield, huh? What is it? Why is this athletic trainer trying to make a clothing brand? Shouldn't he be taping ankles or something? And what in the world does RKE Afield even mean? 

I'm sure that these are all questions that have been asked among our friends and family since we have first announced our brand and these are most certainly questions that I have asked myself.

"What in the world did I get us into?"

"Are we really going to do this?"

"Lord, I'm praying that this works out."

I have relayed these questions over and over in my head over the past several months and then I finally gave in to what I feel God is calling me and my family to do. And so, RKE Afield was born. We (and when I say "we" I mean myself and my wife, Rebekah) wanted to create something that was unique and that our customers loved but we also wanted something that could share a message. We wanted something with a meaning. When you, our customer, wears a piece of RKE Afield gear we want you to feel that meaning. We want you to have a sense of appreciation for God's love and mercy and of course, His Creation.

As a hunter and outdoorsman, some of my best memories of becoming closer to God occurred in the woods or out by some body of water. As I sit there waiting for a bite on the hook or for something tasty to walk into my shooting lane, I can't help but marvel at all that's around me. The fish that I am waiting on or the turkey that I hear gobbling off in the distance all had an origin and at RKE Afield, we truly believe that that origin came from God himself. We are appreciative of nature and wildlife and as fellow creations and responsible sportsmen, have a great responsibility to care for it and to see that many more generations are able to enjoy what we are able to enjoy.

Alright, so finally, what does the name "RKE Afield" actually mean? Well, it's pretty simple. In the tenth chapter of Acts, Peter is exhausted from praying and because of his exhaustion, he has a vision. In this vision, Peter sees a sheet lowered from the sky and on this sheet are all sorts of animals and birds. Peter then hears a voice that says to him "Rise, Peter, kill, and eat." Rise. Kill. Eat. RKE. And, of course, as outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen, we spend several hours and days afield. This is time that is sometimes spent with kids by a lake where they are hoping to catch their first fish, sometimes with the camaraderie of friends on a fast-shooting dove hunt, or by yourself as you grunge through the hills on a hard-fought still-hunt for whitetail deer. And thus, RKE Afield is now our name and will be forever. 

As we move forward with the RKE Afield movement and vision, we hope that you guys will stick with us and see where this thing takes us. We look forward to seeing what God has in store for us and we certainly believe that the best is yet to come.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more RKE Afield blog posts. God bless! 

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