The RKE Afield Blog 003: Rise

The next three blog posts to the RKE Afield Blog will be focusing on the what it truly means to Rise, Kill, and Eat. This is who we are. We hope you enjoy!

Rise. This single word has so much impact on our lives that without the act of rising, our world would be so much different. At the start of every day, we expect the sun to rise and continue to rise until it is time for it to begin its descent and allow the moon to rise. Every day, parents are expected to rise to care for their children and to head off to work, regardless of how they feel physically or emotionally. The act of rising is something that must take place over and over again. It occurs every single day and multiple times a day. However, life throws things at us that may prevent us from wanting to rise again.

Divorce. Bankruptcy. Unexpected illness. There are so many things in this world that will try to hold us down and prevent us from rising above the adversity. Most of us are fortunate enough to not have to deal with major catastrophes on a daily basis but we all deal with minor issues that can take an emotional toll on our soul. It is so easy to fall into a trap of defeat and to feel as if your life is too difficult for you to handle and eventually, you may get to a point where that feeling is overwhelming.

So you give up. Life has delivered the knockout punch and there you are, lying on the floor, dazed and confused. At this point, you have two choices. You can continue to lie on your back, motionless. Or you can rise. You can rise again and again.

We have all heard the quote, "Get knocked down 8 times, stand up 9." But as simple as that sounds, it's true. It doesn't say that the 9th time standing up will be easy. It simply says "stand up." Or RISE. 

Despite all of the bad things that can be sent our way, we must continue to stand up and continue to walk. 

Jesus promised us in John 10:10 that He has come to Earth to give us a better life and that we can live life to the fullest through Him. He gave us the ability to have a fulfilled life and to not be defeated by life's problems. He gave us the power to rise above the rough water but only when we trust Him.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is when Jesus calls Peter out onto the water. Jesus is standing out on the water and calls Peter to come join Him. Peter reluctantly steps onto the water and begins to walk toward Jesus but as he drew closer, Peter began to sink. Peter began to lose faith in the power of Jesus and began to trust in his own power, causing him to sink. Jesus reaches down and pulls him back up and challenges him to have more faith in Him. An amazing picture of what it means to trust Jesus. 

In order to be successful in the daily struggle with adversity. We must rise above defeat and rise above our ourselves. Trust Jesus and ...

Rise every single day.

I Will Rise.  


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