The RKE Afield Blog 005: Eat

Th following post is Part 3 of our three-part series where we cover what it means to "Rise, Kill, and Eat." Check out the other 2 parts of this series on The RKE Afield Blog at

Eating wild game is such a unique experience that includes so much more than consuming sustenance. As hunters and anglers, there is a certain connection that we have with our food that makes what we do special. We were there when that animal approached us and we were likely the ones that pulled the trigger or set the hook in order to ethically put that animal down or reel it in.

Prior to eating wild game, there is so much work involved. Acquiring promising locations, off-season prep, never ending scouting, setup, practice to hone in your skills, and so on just so we have a slight chance of seeing something and hoping that we somehow get a chance when the time comes. Not to mention all of the work that is guaranteed to follow if you are fortunate enough to get that animal that you have been pursuing.

The field dressing, the dragging, the hauling, the butchering, the preparation, and the cooking that all takes place prior to finally sinking your teeth into that delicacy.

It truly takes a special person to be able to consistently pursue their food. And it is our responsibility, as outdoorsmen, to conserve these wild animals and care for their habitats, so that generations down the road will be able to enjoy God's Creation just as we have been blessed to. 

At RKE Afield, we certainly believe that God gave us dominion over animals in order for us to eat and use for our benefit. However, we must always be thankful for what we are able to acquire through a hunting or fishing trip. Our name, RKE Afield, stands for "Rise, Kill, Eat." We get this phrase from the book of Acts where the Lord tells Peter to quite literally "Rise, kill, and eat." 

"Then a voice said to him, 'Get up, Peter; kill and eat.'" - Acts 10:13

Our brand is based upon the principle of pursuing God and His Creation and being thankful for the pursuit. And we feel as if there is no better way to do this than to get outside and explore what He has to offer. We are blessed to live in a country where we have the opportunity to hunt and fish and have access to public lands.

When you have that wild game in front of you on that plate, or cooking over an open flame, always remember where it came from. If you fail to think through the process of what it took to get that meat in front of you, you will fail to truly enjoy what you are eating. We challenge you to say a thankful prayer and to take a brief moment to think about the journey that took place to get your meal from field to plate and from plate to fork.   

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