007 Rise Above. Kill To Eat. Eat To Thrive.

Over the next few months, The RKE Afield Blog will feature many topics that relate to life and how the popular verse from the book of Acts, “Rise, Kill, Eat,” can apply to you in more ways than the popularized use of hunting. “Rise, Kill, Eat” or RKE, is a multi-dimensional concept that can apply to almost anything that life can and will throw at you. The RKE Afield Blog is designed to help you become better hunters, better spouses, better parents, and more importantly, better followers of Jesus and His plan for us. By no means am I an expert at any of these things but I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from great resources and some of the experiences were obtained via self-experience. In the coming months, I will be making regular posts on different topics that I would like to share my thoughts on. Feel free to share with friends and comment or email with anything that you would like to add.

Although the phrase “Rise, Kill, Eat” has been a verse used by hunters and even makes up part of our brand’s name, RKE Afield, there is much more that can be utilized from these three words than what is typically thought of when we hear them.  But first, I think it’s important that we cover the Biblical meaning of the verse before I provide my own use of the phrase.

In the book of Acts Chapter 10, Peter is in the midst of praying when he begins to feel weak from hunger. As a meal is being prepared, Peter has a vision of a sheet being lowered down to him by its four corners with all kinds of four-legged animals on it. Then a voice begins to speak to Peter telling him to “Rise, Peter. Kill and Eat.” Obviously, Peter is startled by this and is reluctant to eat these things that are being presented to him because he sees them as “unclean” but the voice tells him not to say that anything that “God has made clean to be impure and unclean.” There is much more to this story than this short exchange between “the voice” and Peter as later in this same chapter, it is revealed why this exchange occurs (and it’s not exactly for hunting purposes). This exchange occurs to make it clear that God is okay with Jews and Gentiles to converse and be together which was against the law, at the time. Because of this, Peter was able to reach out to these men and tell them the story of Jesus. And because they were able to hear the story of Jesus, the men were spiritually saved. God created these men so they should not be called unclean, as said earlier. But for this purpose of The RKE Afield Blog, the words “Rise, Kill, and Eat” will be pivotal and the basis of who we are as hunters, husbands, fathers, and disciples.

The word Rise will be the most versatile of the three as we can use this word to motivate us to simply wake up in the mornings, overcome adversities of all kinds, rise to get that workout in that we are dreading, or to simply rise to the occasion of a challenge presented to us. As husbands, we are called to rise to the occasion of loving our wives as Christ loved the church which can be a seemingly impossible feat but it is our jobs as husbands to rise to the challenge. We are to rise above temptations and rise above the things of this world. If you think about what it means to rise above something, you are looking down on it. You have a position of power over the enemy when you rise above them. You have the advantage over the thing that you are rising against. In war and in combat, it is seen as an advantage to have the “high ground” against your enemy. It is much harder for an enemy to reach you if you’re fighting from a higher position than if you were to fight laterally or from a lower position. This is consistently true unless you are a mixed martial arts grappling expert that prefers the ground game but I am not and most men that I know aren’t either. So generally speaking, rising gives us the advantage in our daily fight and struggles. And as husbands and fathers, we are called to fight for our families. We are to be their spiritual leaders, their physical protectors, and their emotionally stable rock. We must protect them against the enemies that may be physical, mental, and spiritual and in order to do this, we need to gain an advantage and gain the high ground so that we can fend off the assaults of the world. We must RISE above.

Next, Kill is much more related to our abilities to hunt. Hunting, in its most primal form, was how men provided for themselves and provided for their families. Today, hunting has a much different purpose in our country. Today’s hunting is pivotal for wildlife conservation efforts, provides economic stimulus for our federal and state governments through taxes and license purchases, gives families a tradition that can be traced back for decades, and is simply just a fun and educational way of acquiring clean, organic meat. And before you get upset, claiming that I am saying it is “fun to go out and kill a bunch of animals” or that I am “barbaric and disgusting,” let me make it clear that when I am blessed enough to have the opportunity to expire an animal with a weapon, I am doing so with the utmost respect for that animal. I practice for hours and days leading up to a season opener so that I am prepared to make the absolute best shot that I can to put that animal down as quickly and as efficiently as possible, if and when the time comes. The privilege and act of killing is not something to be taken lightly. Killing requires a pure heart and respect for the animal. We are not at war with wildlife so there is no need to see them as an enemy that we should just “blow up” for the sake of laughs. To take an animal’s life requires precision. Killing requires discipline. You owe it to the animal and to your fellow hunter to be the most disciplined hunter that you can be. Hunting allows us to grow in the capacities of discipline physically, psychologically, and spiritually. I have recently discovered over the past handful of seasons that hunting can place a strain on you physically that is often not anticipated and a lot of these physical struggles have motivated me to get myself back in shape so that my hunts can be more effective. You may be required to ascent a steep hill quickly as you pursue your prey or may be forced to drag a 150 lb deer up a hill that is inaccessible by vehicle. These things happen. Psychologically speaking, you may have hunted as hard and as best as you can but without any meat to show for it. It’s important that you keep at it if it is still legal season and this is where you will be challenged mentally.

Finally, what it means to Eat. On the surface and to be consistent with the theme of hunting and providing for our families, it is obvious that whatever we decide to kill with the business end of our weapons, we should do so with intend to eat that animal. There is a connection that takes place when we are blessed with the ability to eat what we have killed by our own hand. You are able to relive the hunt in your memory with every bite you take. You remember the scouting and the work that it took to get that meat on your plate. This creates a special connection that can not be found by any purchase at a grocery store. The steak you bought in the meat department doesn’t have a face (at least to you) and you were not directly involved in the process of making that meat. I know I may sound like I’m a little harsh on buying meat from the store but that’s not my intent. I still regularly buy meat at the store and it still tastes delicious but there is something much more special about being able to pursue an animal and that simply can’t be replicated.

But the word “Eat” has much more meaning outside of hunting that will allow us to become better men, husbands, and fathers. We live in a country that is chronically overweight and has an astounding rate of weight related diseases and illnesses. Heart issues and joint issues plague our population and the fair majority of these are caused by the unnecessary stress that Americans place on their bodies through their food choices. We owe it to our families and to ourselves to honor our bodies with what we eat. How much better do you feel physically and emotionally when you eat a hearty, healthy meal? And I’m not necessarily talking about the oh’ so good “comfort foods.” I’m talking about a grilled chicken wrap or a lean cut of meat with vegetables, for example. Physically, you feel so much better when you consume these which then effects how you feel emotionally and then finally, spiritually. This progression occurs with consistency and can become a cycle to the point that you may actually begin to make a habit of it and look forward to your meals because of how good they make you feel. Proper nutrition is something that should be taken seriously for your sake and the sake of your friends and family. Stick around for a while and eat healthy.

I hope that you enjoyed this post from the RKE Afield Blog, where we can learn to be better followers of Jesus, better husbands, betters fathers, and better men. As stated before, I am no expert on any of this (or anything for that matter) but I am a husband, a father, a man, and I strive to be the best follower of Jesus that I can so I am hoping that through this movement, we can help each other grow. If there are any topics that you would like covered, just let me know and I will do my best to start the conversation or at least point you in the direction of someone who can. Thank you for reading this post and I appreciate all of our customers at RKE Afield! Like us on Facebook, share this post and those to come with friends and family, and follow us on Instagram to keep up with the all of the RKE Afield Blog posts.

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Tyler Pruitt, RKE Afield

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