008 Be THE Example

Being a father is such a huge responsibility that some days (okay, most days) I am on the verge of being overwhelmed with the constant stretch on our minds. Now I know this doesn’t make parenthood sound pleasant and full of rainbows and butterflies but it is often times the truth. Without a solid foundation in our wives, fatherhood would be incredibly difficult. However, there is a role that only dads can fill and that is the role of the “example.” Of course, Moms provide great examples for our kids but this is different. This role is dual-purposed and has different implications for whether you apply it to your daughters or your sons. 

First up, be THE example for your sons. As dads, it is our responsibility to be the example of the man that we want our son(s) to grow up to be. This can certainly be a daunting task and takes some serious self evaluation. It requires us to take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “Do I want my son to grow up and be exactly the way I am today?” If that answer is “No,” then reevaluate and come up with a plan to become that person. I am constantly considering this in my head and I can tell you that there are a lot of days where my answer is “No” but you have to keep the course. Of course, this is something that will take time and literally will not happen overnight, so don’t be discouraged when you mess up. Instead, stick with your plan and fix the kinks along the way. We owe it to our sons to be good men and to provide them with a strong example for who they should strive to want to become. Be THE role model. Be THE example.

And secondly, be THE example for your daughters. This is a whole other concept that should again scare you to death, as a dad. When it comes to our sweet little angels, it is our responsibility to be the example for who we want our daughters to marry one day. Now, I don’t know about you but my daughter is never getting married (joking, unfortunately) but nonetheless, I must behave in a way that honors her and gives her an example of the man that she will one day seek. Dads are our little girls’ first love and it is far better for us to have a positive, loving relationship with our daughters than any alternative. Play with her pink and purple toys, tell her that she is pretty with every new outfit that she tries on and most importantly, be there for her whenever she needs you. She is looking to you, Dad, to show her what she is supposed to be looking for so start acting like it. Be THE example.

Father’s day gives us an opportunity to reflect on our family once again and realign our thinking in a way that puts those we love the most in front, our wife and kids. So hold the door for your wife and daughter and teach your son to do the same. This world is increasingly not kind to the family dynamic so we need to RISE UP to the fight and defend our families. Love them. Protect them. Provide for them. And be THE example.

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Happy Father’s Day!

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    You are an absolute wonderful Father/Daddy!!!! God bless you Son!

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